Key 2 Safe Driving (K2SD) Disables Teens’ Cell Phones While Driving

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Key 2 Safe Driving (K2SD) is a new technology built on Bluetooth, which will disable a teen’s cell phone when they start up the car.

K2SD is an ambitious concept on the surface. In a nutshell, the car key is configured to wirelessly connect to the cell phone through RFID or Bluetooth. The driver has to push a button or slide the key out in order to start the engine. A “driving” signal is sent to the cell phone and the device switches to “driving mode.” Once the mobile device is in driving mode teen drivers are not allowed to talk or text while driving and all incoming calls and text messages will be answered with an auto-reply or sent to voicemail. Key 2 Safe Driving technology also works for adults, requiring them to use a hands-free option to talk, and disabling texting.

Once the engine has been turned off using the key, a signal is sent to the cell phone indicating that the car has “stopped” and its safe to return to normal communication mode. When used as directed, K2SD offers a number of benefits. It offers a cost-effective solution for improving driving safety, users may be eligible for insurance discounts, and the technology can be used whether drivers are in their calling area or not, as the technology does not rely on GPS data or cell towers to operate.

That all sounds very good.

Except that a) it requires a phone which supports Bluetooth or RFID, and b) there is nothing to stop the teen from simply turning Bluetooth off before they get in the car.

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Still, the insurance discount will be nice.

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