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One of the great things about the Internet is that it brings to your fingertips – and to your door – things that you would never otherwise know about.

Take the awesome organic skin care products that I found this week, made by the folks at

Without the Internet, as I sit in Boulder, Colorado, never in a million years would I have known about Rich Arnold and Patty Kerr, the owners, brains and soul behind, where they lovingly craft organic body and skin care products. Patty and Rich are up in Ranier, Washington. Without the Internet, I would never have known about them.

Instead, here I am having just slathered their amazing Vita C cream on my face, and wow it feels good! Not only does it feel good, but it smells great, and well it should, on both counts. Because this organic Vitamin C cream contains, among other things, green tea, comfrey root, elder flower, shea butter, avocado and jojoba oils, and much, much more. There isn’t single synthetic ingredient – just all wonderful gifts from nature!

And at less than half the price of those fancy high end department store Vitamin C creams from those dermatologist cosmeceutical lines. (And I should know, because that’s what I usually use – but not any more! Why pay more than double for a product with less than half the great ingredients? Why slather chemicals on your face when you can feed your skin organic, natural ingredients instead?)

And of course, it feels great to support a business run by real, hands-on owners who care about and oversee every aspect of their product, rather than some corporate machine! Say Patty and Rich, “Our passion is to provide the safest and most natural personal care products that reflect the unique beauty in all of us while maintaining our stewardship with the Earth.” In fact, right on their home page they explain “Our products are made with certified organic ingredients, have no chemical preservatives, are not tested on animals, are phthalate-free, and have eco-friendly packaging. Our calling is clear. Love our body, love our Earth, take care of both because they each demand respect and care. We start with our babies. They deserve the right to know purity, having the healthiest beginning possible. Then we continue to nurture all ages and all complexions with our organic personal care products.”

Amen to that, we say!

And the folks at treat all of your senses, even long distance. In fact, it starts as soon as you receive your Nuture My Body box in the mail – the packaging is so visually pleasing!


And as soon as you open the box, there’s this lovely thank you note:

They take great care in the packaging too – in addition to the cushion of peanuts, each product is wrapped in a cardboard cylinder, to make sure that it gets to you safely:

Each Nurture My Body product comes with an individual label with a great message on it. As they explain it, “Every one of our products comes with an uplifting message that can inspire your mind and bless your body.”

The wonderful Vitamin C cream – called “Vita C” – about which I was raving came with a tag that says “I always feel beautiful.”

The second product I got is their awesome gel mask. Chock full of natural alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) – and remember, these products are organic – the gel mask contains AHAs from bilberry, lemon, orange, sugar maple and raw sugar cane. It also has aloe vera, comfrey, and wheat germ and jojoba oils. Again an incredible treat for your skin – and your wallet! Honestly, I can’t believe how reasonable these organic products are!

The gel mask came with a quote from Shakespeare: “Beauty lives with kindness.”

Awesome products that feel, smell, and are great, and I would never have known about them without the Internet.

I personally have and am using the Vita C cream and the gel mask. And you can check out the entire line at You can also contact them on Twitter.

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One thought on “Internet Find: Awesome Organic Skin Care Products at

  1. “I always feel beautiful.” Wow, I love that! Imagine if we truly felt that way about ourselves, 100% of the time? Again and again people have proven that simply being accepting of ourselves and our looks not only adds to inner peace but actually does reflect on the outside. Good for the owners of this company for recognizing this powerful truth. They obviously have mastered customer service.

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