Google M for Murder – Google Search Results Help Identify Alleged Murderess

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Melanie McGuire is currently on trial for the murder of her husband, William McGuire. And while many people now know that your Google and other search engine searches can be discovered, apparently back in 2004, Melanie McGuire did not. For among the searches that the prosecution has found on her computers – searches which she conducted on the days leading up to the murder – were searches for “instant poisons”, “undetectable poisons”, and “fatal digoxin doses.” And while those alone don’t necessarily prove intent, another search, “how to commit murder” is pretty unambiguous.

But the crown search in the state’s case against Melanie McGuire may be that Melanie also performed searches about gun laws in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. William McGuire was indeed murdered with a gun which, the state claims, Melanie purchased in Pennsylvania.

Also relevant is the fact that the day before the murder, the state says, Melanie’s computer shows that she searched for a Walgreens pharmacy near to her. A pharmacist at that Walgreens has testified that on the day before the murder she filled a prescription for an as yet unidentified woman with a prescription written for “Tiffany Bain”, for a rarely ordered but known narcotic. The prescription, for chloral hydrate, was written by Doctor Bradley Miller – a doctor at the office where Melanie McGuire worked at the time. Dr. Bradley Miller, the doctor with whom Melanie was having an affair at the time that William McGuire was murdered.

Chloral hydrate is easily dissolved in both water and alcohol, is undetectable in small doses, and induces sleep very quickly. In fact, chloral hydrate was the knock-out drug of choice in the infamous Mickey Finn drinks.

All of this information has come about as a result of a review of the searches which Melanie McGuire did on the days leading up to her husband’s murder.

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Unfortunately for the state (and, perhaps, fortunately for Melanie), at the moment this is just about all the evidence the state has. There are no finger prints, and the autopsy performed on the parts of her husband (he was hacked up, put into suitcases, and tossed into Chesapeake Bay) did not include a test for chloral hydrate.

But it’s certainly enough to have opened the case, and to bring her to trial. And if more evidence against Melanie is discovered as a result of this, or if the state makes this stick, you can bet that if Melanie McGuire gets computer privileges while in prison, she’ll be a lot more careful with how she conducts online searches.

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7 thoughts on “Google M for Murder – Google Search Results Help Identify Alleged Murderess

  1. Melanie Mcguire is fascinating. She lives an ultruistic life up until the day she kills her husband. She has much to live for and is competent and self-reliant. What went wrong? The evidence is overwhelming that she did it. The question is what happened to her psychologically. Mystery. Unless she confesses there will never be an answer.

  2. i really do hope that mrs.mquire goes to prison for life after shooting her husband then chopping him up what was she thinking? if she was going to get away with it she should have reported him missing first.

  3. Never mind having your search terms used against you in court. I’d be mortified to death if all the porn sites I visit became public knowledge; particularly in a court of law. I’d ask them to just kill me. Kill me now. :)

  4. I hope she is put in jail for a real long time. Even if someone walks out on there family they don’t deserved to be killed. I can t believe that she shot him several times to kill him then chopped his body into four pieces then put them in her garbage bags. Then also put then on her suit cases and dumped him in the Chesapeake Bay. how wrong is that and there are still people out there that believe that she is innocent. When they have evidence a pone evidence proving she did it. they they have the Trash bags,Receipt of purchase, gun, Poison, Forge of Signature, Suit cases that were hers, And the search engine crap.

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  6. As a writer, I can see myself asking these same questions of Google–how to commit a murder, the most efficient poisons, etc. And that doesn’t mean that I was planning a murder–except in a fictional story. Murder, he wrote.

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