eBay Targets Fake Microsoft Software Auctions

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  • eBay Targets Fake Microsoft Software Auctions

Auction giant eBay has taken a stand against the thousands (yes, thousands) of auctions involving pirated copies of Microsoft software which regularly appear on its pages.

According to reports, in just a three month period, and on just eBay’s UK site alone, more than 21,000 auctions were identified as offering illegal copies of Microsoft products. The most common auctions of pirated Microsoft software involved Windows XP and Office.

Well, they do say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but I don’t think that extends to wholesale counterfeiting.

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eBay Targets Fake Microsoft Software Auctions

According to a Microsoft spokesperson, in the vast majority of the cases the seller is well aware that they are selling illegal goods. Sometimes the software is on a plain CD rom, clearly burned by someone. In other cases the product is a genuine commercial version, but has “not for resale” clearly indicated – even on the picture used in the eBay auction.

But that is only half of the equation. Sellers wouldn’t sell if buyers didn’t buy. And while some times the buyer may not realize that they are buying a pirated product, often times they do.


So don’t do it.

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eBay Targets Fake Microsoft Software Auctions

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  • eBay Targets Fake Microsoft Software Auctions

2 Replies to “eBay Targets Fake Microsoft Software Auctions”

  1. Look all you cheap people looking for a deal knowing before hand the risk of buying from auction web sites that its not original software. First off the only difference in the pirated software is the U.S Government makes 0 off it and Bill Gates Doesnt get richer then God AWWWW so sad. I have used it and will continue to use and sell it till you folks stop buying it. Why would you pay $599 for something you could buy for $100 and the end result is the same No viruses or computers crashing thats a big scare tactic from microsoft to scare you not to buy elsewhare. Like if your bad you will go to hell !!! Good go to heaven !!! Its a control thing you see or maybe not. Look bottom line stop looking for a better price then crying about it and saying ohh poor me i got ripped off. Grow up get a second job and go pay full price to microsoft and accomplish something.

  2. I was burned last month on a Microsoft Windows XP Pro SP3 auction on ebay. The software ran fine,but wouldn’t validate.The good thing about it is ebay refunded me in full.And I learned a lesson,if the deal sounds too good to be true,it usually is.

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