Detroit Newspapers First to Openly Concede Defeat to the Internet

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The Detroit News and Detroit Free press have conceded defeat to the Internet, and are cutting home delivery of the print version of their newspapers to just three days a week, and supplementing them by emailing a digital version to subscribers instead.

“The dynamics of delivering information to audiences has changed forever due to technology,” said David Hunke, publisher of the Detroit Free Press. “We’re fighting for our survival.”

Circulation for the print version of newspapers has been on a steady decline, with the decrease in print circulation hitting double digits for some papers. People are getting their news on the Internet.


In a statement today, Paul Anger, executive editor of the Detroit Free Press, explained “We’re putting more emphasis on up-to-the minute news and multimedia reports and conversations on Our traffic has soared, up to almost 4 million page views in a single day, and we’re a leader in online growth.”

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Detroit Newspapers First to Openly Concede Defeat to the Internet

Anger added that the decision “allows us to print a daily newspaper, devote more resources to digital delivery of information and maintain Michigan’s largest and best news staff to keep providing exclusive news, information and commentary by journalists who understand what is relevant here.”

Said Hunke, “Our decision to limit home delivery to three days a week reflects the reality that major newspaper markets are facing daunting economic challenges. We can’t live in the past. We need to shift resources to the digital side of our business, which readers and advertisers are clearly telling us is our future.”


While the newspapers are cutting home delivery to three days a week, they will still be available on the newsstands every day. There will also be a subscription-by-mail service for those who are homebound and unable to access the digital version of the papers.

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Detroit Newspapers First to Openly Concede Defeat to the Internet

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