Amazon Offers Free Amazon Prime Deal to College Students with ‘Amazon Student’

Ok, this is one sweet deal on Amazon Prime. Even at the regular $79.00 per year for Amazon Prime, it’s well worth it for those of us who do a lot of shopping on Amazon (free shipping, no taxes, such a deal!) Of course, it only works if the “free shipping” more than covers the cost of the $79.00 for the annual Amazon Prime membership (in our case it way more than covers it). But now, with the Amazon Student deal, college students can get a free Amazon Prime membership! As in, free for the whole year!

All you need is to be a college or university student, and to sign up with your .edu account!

Says Amazon:

Join Amazon Student and get FREE Two-Day Shipping for one year with a free Amazon Prime membership ($79 value), as well as e-mail alerts for exclusive promotions. There is no cost to join–simply sign up by providing your school and major. If you’re not a student, you may still be eligible for a free trial of Amazon Prime.

Other Amazon Student perks include saving “up to 30% on the price of new textbooks and up to 90% on millions of used textbook listings.”

The ‘catch’, if you consider it one, is that they will email you notices of sales and promotions that they consider of interest to college students.

Amazon explains that “Amazon Student members get exclusive discounts on a variety of products and categories. Discounts and promotions will be e-mailed to your e-mail account or made available on the Amazon Student membership page at”


You can sign up for Amazon Student here.

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2 Replies to “Amazon Offers Free Amazon Prime Deal to College Students with ‘Amazon Student’”

  1. They don’t let you see the online streaming films, either. It boils down to just free shipping — no other benefits, and if you make a change to your email address while on the membership, you lose it. I found that out the hard way after using it only once. (sigh)

  2. BULL. Actually, you don’t get free shipping on “textbooks” like they say. You get free shipping on ELIGIBLE textbooks, which are MUCH MUCH more expensive than the textbooks you would have bought with regular shipping. So in the end, you end up paying MORE with “free shipping” not less. Sorry, Amazon — you did NOT fool me. That’s called “bait-and-switch.”

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