Review of the New MySpace: Better Than Pandora, Nothing Like Facebook, Pinterest or Even the Old MySpace!

The social media world is buzzing with opinions about the new Myspace now that they have released the new version. Ever since it was announced that Justin Timberlake was one of the new partners involved in reviving the dead social media site, the Internet has been flooded with speculations as to how the newly revamped site will compare with Facebook, Pinterest, Pandora, Songza and, of course, how it compares with the old Myspace.

How to Get Rid of Spotify Updates on Facebook

Some time ago Facebook and Spotify unleashed an app that spews Spotify spam all over your Facebook wall or Facebook timeline. Any time any of your Facebook friends listens to music on Spotify, if they are using the Spotify app, it posts to your wall telling you what they are listening to. “So-and-so listened to such-and-such on Spotify.” Who the flip cares? If we wanted to know what our friends on Facebook were listening to, we’d go to their house and listen with them! Here is how to remove the Spotify notifications from your Facebook page.

All About the Spotify Music Service

Spotify is an online streaming music service that has been available in certain countries in Europe since 2008, but Spotify in the USA has only been available since July 15th. Spotify differs from some other online music services in that 1) you don’t have to own the music to listen to it – Spotify music is streamed directly from Spotify’s own enormous online music library, and 2) the music Spotify offers is a vast collection of commercial music from well-known artists, any of which you can add to your Spotify playlists. Users can get Spotify for free by signing up at, then you download from Spotify the correct Spotify app for your computer. And speaking of your computer – Spotify also lets you listen to your own music as well as that in their library – the best of both worlds! There are also Spotify apps for most mobile platforms, so you can use Spotify on Android phones, iPhones, and Windows Mobile phones. And, of course, it took just two weeks for the official Spotify United States welcome: a lawsuit for patent infringement by PacketVideo. Welcome to the U.S., Spotify.