Former Nigerian 419 Scam Artist Tells All in Rare Interview

More than four years ago, we wrote an article about the Nigerian 419 scam and what the scammers think of their victims, in which we concluded that “just in case you weren’t sure about the seriousness of 419 scams …just in case you think that it’s just a few people, and they are going to go away, think again. These scammers are here to stay, they are serious, and their target is…you.” Well, it sure hasn’t gotten any better since then. And here to prove it, from his own lips, a former Nigerian 419 scammer tells all.

An Example of a Current Craigslist Scam

Online scams are nothing new, and Craigslist (named after founder Craig Newmark, hence Craig’s list) has always had its fair share. Perhaps the most insidious of the Craigslist scams are those which appear to be legitimate replies to Craigs list postings – after all, while many consumers are wary of what they read online, most can’t imagine that a scammer would take the time to personally reply to them! In this particular scam, the email comes from on behalf of TLP Research.

Nailed: Crooks Behind the Scam “Expiring Auto Warranty” Calls

You may be surprised – and you will certainly be relieved – to hear that the criminals behind the scam warranty phone calls – or so-called “robocalls” or “robodialing” – have actually been caught, and are being prosecuted by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). It turns out that a huge number of the calls were made by Christopher Cowart and his Transcontinental Warranty company, calling names and numbers supplied by a company called Voice Touch that is owned by James Dunne and Maureen Geisen Dunne, and using Caller I.D. spoofing technology developed by Damian Kohlfeld.