How to Find Your Email Files on a Mac or Macbook

If you are trying to find your mail files on your Mac or Macbook, and wondering “Where are the mail files on a Mac”, and maybe even feeling a little bit dumb because you can’t find your mail files, well, that’s because in later versions of OS X, mail files are hidden! Apparently you’re not supposed to find your mail files on your Macbook or Mac! But we are going to tell you where your mail files are hidden because, well, that’s just how we roll.

How Can You Delete Facebook Messages? It’s Easy!

Lots of people wonder: how to delete Facebook messages? Or, even, can you delete Facebook messages? For some reason, deleting Facebook messages doesn’t seem straightforward to some. But deleting messages on Facebook is actually pretty easy. In fact, you can even delete all Facebook messages with just a few clicks. (And be clear, Facebook chat messages are the same thing as Facebook messages, as you will see, so yes, you can delete Facebook chat messages, too.) Here’s how.

Couples’ Twitter Tweets Lead to Burglery?

Isreal Hyman and his wife were no doubt looking forward to their vacation a few weeks ago. Hyman, the proprietor of in Mesa, Arizona, shared his plans with his 2,000+ followers on Twitter. So when he became the victim of a home burglery (which differs from robbery in that the victim is not present), he had to wonder if the burgler had seen his Tweets.