How to Unsubscribe from When You Signed Up through the Match App via the App Store

If you are trying to cancel your paid subscription with and get the message “You are currently subscribed through the iTunes App Store. Please log in to your iTunes account to manage any subscription issues” when logged into Match on your computer, you may be having trouble figuring out exactly how to do that. They certainly don’t make it easy (but of course it’s easy enough to sign up for that paid subscription.

Apple Pulls App Clueful from App Store Under Cloud of Suspicion

While we love Apple and Apple products, they surprised many iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad users by pulling popular app, Clueful, from the app store. In a move that seems suspiciously shrouded in mystery, Apple pulled the app under the same set of rules that the app was approved, prompting Clueful development company, Bitfender, to immediately begin working on redeveloping the app so that it could be re-approved.

Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Makes it to iPad as Steve Jobs Takes Leave of Absence from Apple

Hugh Hefner announced yesterday that Playboy is coming to the iPad. It may just be a coincidence, but Steve Jobs has always insisted that the the app store and iTunes be squeaky clean, and family friendly, with nothing over what seemed the equivalent of a PG rating, and now the Playboy announcement comes quite literally on the heels of Steve Jobs announcing this week that he will be taking a medical leave of absence.

Handy Light App Offers iPhone Tethering – Which is Why It Was Banned

The Handy Light iPhone app was an iPhone flashlight app with a difference: it enabled iPhone tethering. Tethering – using your cell phone as a modem to connect your laptop to the Internet – is one of the most demanded features on cellphones and, being not allowed on iPhones, has long been the Holy Grail among iPhone owners. In fact the desire to tether with an iPhone is one of the main reasons that users Jailbreak (root) their iPhones.