How to Tip with the Starbucks App

The new, updated Starbucks app finally allows you to tip your barista from your Starbucks card (well, from its digital representation, through the app). However, how to tip your Starbucks server is completely unclear – so here is how to tip using the Starbucks mobile app. Here is the first thing to realize: you can’t tip at the same time as you make your purchase! That right there should save you hours of frustration, trying to figure out why you can’t tip at the point of purchase.

Have Your Starbucks Order Waiting for You with Remote Mobile Ordering

The newest version of the Starbucks app allows you to order and pay right from the app, and have your drinks and food waiting for you when you arrive! This means that you don’t even have to stand in line, you just go right to the pickup area, and it’s there waiting for you! What’s more, every Starbucks barrista we’ve asked has said that they actually prefer it when customers order with Starbucks Mobile Order & Pay; it’s a win-win! You don’t have to stand in line or sit in your car at the drive-through, and they prefer it!

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz Initiates Internet Grassroots Efforts, Has Baristas Write ‘Come Together’ On Cups to Encourage Lawmakers to Fix Fiscal Cliff Issue

Starbucks Chief Executive Officer Howard Schultz took to the Internet to announce an online grassroots campaign by having his DC Starbucks employees write “Come Together” on the cups of all of their customers to send a message to lawmakers about the fiscal cliff. While Internet grassroots efforts are not typically led by wealthy corporate CEOs, Schultz has instructed the baristas to write the message on the cup of each customer all this week, through December 28th.

How to Connect to a Starbucks AT and T Wifi Hotspot with a 3G iPad

One of the perks of getting the iPad 3G is that, in addition to the 3G, says AT and T and Apple, “you’ll have access to over 20,000 Wi-Fi hotspots, including Starbucks, Barnes and Noble, and more.” In other words, you can connect your 3G iPad, via wifi, to more than 20,000 AT and T wifi hotspots (usually named “attwifi”), at no additional charge. But how do you connect at these 20,000+ AT&T hotspots at no additional charge? How do you connect to a Starbucks AT&T wifi hotspot, for example, with your iPad 3G?

Using Free Starbucks Wifi Hoses Your RSS Feeds – Replaces Them with AT&T URLs

It’s still winter break in Boulder, and so most of the independent coffee shops in Boulder are closing early until school is back in session. As a result, I found myself all dressed up and with nowhere to go to sit and work over a cup of joe last night. In desperation, I turned to the local Starbucks – even they were closing early, but not as early as the other coffee shops. And besides, I was curious to try Starbuck’s free wifi.