Cell Phone Screen Cracked or Charging Port not Working? Tablet Speakers on the Fritz? Cell Savers to the Rescue!

If you are wondering where you can get your cracked or broken screen replaced, or water damage fixed, on your iPhone, iPad, Samsung or Google smart phone, or other mobile device, what if we told you that you can have it fixed right in your own home or office? That’s exactly what Cell Savers does: they come right to you and repair your broken mobile phone or tablet, all at a very reasonable price!

NSA Mining Data from Smartphone Apps

Turns out there is another reason for rejecting all those insidious game invitations from smartphone apps and their Facebook counterparts: the New York Times has revealed today that the NSA and its British counterpart, GCHQ, are mining the data that your smartphone apps are generating, from location data, to contact lists, to phone logs and even the data embedded in images. Dubbed the “Mobile Surge” by the Brits, the intelligence community is giddy with glee over the trove of data served up by mobile apps.

iPhone Contract Between Teen and Mom Goes Viral on Internet

Like any kid or teen, thirteen-year-old Greg Hoffman begged his parents for a new smart phone, specifically, an iPhone. On Christmas day, he got that coveted iPhone, but not without an 18 point contract from his mom, outlining the rules for having a phone. Not quite what a child or teenager with a new iPhone expects, but Mom made it clear, with a great phone, comes great responsibility.

Study Finds Personal and Banking Data Likely Accessed on Found Cell Phones Before Being Returned to Owner: How to Protect Yourself

Internet security firm Symantec (proprietors of, among other things, Norton Anti-Virus) have released the results of research that they have dubbed the “Honey Stick Project”. In Project HoneyStick, researchers “lost” a total of 50 cell phones in various cities around North America, including NYC, Washington D.C., LA, San Francisco, and Ottawa, Canada. The aim was to see what the average citizen would do with a found cell phone: would they try to reunite it with its owner, or would they do something more sinister with it? It turns out that the answer is “both”.

Android Phones Surpass iPhone with Largest Smartphone Market Share

Digital marketing analysis firm comScore has released a report showing that in terms of marketshare, there are now more (vastly more) Android phones in use than iPhones. With nearly 40% of all smart phones in the U.S. being Android phones, compared to the Apple iPhone having just a little over 25% of the market, Android seems to be eating Apples for lunch. Just how many people are using Android phones as to compared to the number of people using iPhones? Read on…

Do I Have an STD? There’s an App for That! VD Tests Coming to a Smart Phone Near You

If you think that you may have a sexually transmitted disease (“STD”, which used to be known as “VD”, or venereal disease or – as it’s known in the UK – sexually transmitted infection or “STI”), such as syphilis, herpes, chlamydia or gonorrhea, or even HIV, and want to get yourself tested without having to leave your house, well, now there’s an app for that. Or, there will be, once the eSTI project goes from prototype to drug store.

Lawsuit Filed Over Airport Searches of Laptops and Cell Phones

When you’re going through the security gates at an airport, you’re most likely resigned to the fact that your bag will be searched, regardless of whether there is a reason to do so.   But what about your computer, laptop, or cell phone, with the overwhelming amount of personal information it contains – do you expect that to be searched?  You should, as Lisa Wayne found out the hard way when her laptop was whisked away and subjected to a half-hour search.  It turns out this is fairly routine.  Now a law suit has been filed by Wayne and others to out a halt to this practice (some would say ‘abuse’) by the TSA and Department of Homeland Security (DHS).