Android Phones Surpass iPhone with Largest Smartphone Market Share

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Digital marketing analysis firm comScore has released a report showing that in terms of marketshare, there are now more (vastly more) Android phones in use than iPhones. With nearly 40% of all smart phones in the U.S. being Android phones, compared to the Apple iPhone having just a little over 25% of the market, Android seems to be eating Apples for lunch. Just how many people are using Android phones as to compared to the number of people using iPhones? Read on…

According to comScore’s analysis, there are 76.8 million people in the U.S. who own smartphones (at least as of about 6 weeks ago). Of those, 38.1 percent owned an Android phone, while 26.6 owned an iPhone (up from 25.2 percent the previous quarter). That translates to approximately 29million people using an Android phone as compared to 20.42million using an iPhone.

Interestingly, the Blackberry was close behind the iPhone, with a 24.7 percent market share.

It should be noted that this analysis is based on the operating system (Android versus iPhone OS), not on the hardware.

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