The Kickstarter – Ken “TofuTofu” Hoinsky “Above the Game” ‘Rape Manual’ Scandal

If you regularly peruse Kickstarter, or are on Reddit (especially the /r/seduction section), or if you are a fan of the comedian Casey Malone, you may already be aware of the tempest (bigger than teapot-sized) that is swelling around one particular Kickstarter campaign: funding to publish the book “Above the Game” by Ken Hoinsky. Hoinsky, who goes by the username “Tofu Tofu” on Reddit, has published several pieces on how to relate to and pick up women. He includes sections that go all the way up to advice on, well, going all the way. And because he advocates what he calls “taking the lead” in some extremely forward ways, the proposed book has come under fire as being a how-to manual on rape. And because it is the subject of a Kickstarter campaign, Kickstarter has come under fire for allowing the campaign to move forward, and in fact is the target of a petition authored by’s Ben Kassoy.

The Role That Hacking Group Anonymous Played in the Steubenville Rape Case

By now everyone has heard about the weekend verdict in the Steubenville Rape case: Two teen Steubenville High Big Red football stars, Trent Mays and Ma’lik Richmond, charged with the rape of the 16-year-old girl known as “Jane Doe”, and the posting of related images on social media, were found guilty of the charges. What many don’t know, however, is that KnightSec, a branch of the hacking group Anonymous, outraged by what they saw as a cover-up, played a role in bringing the online materials to the attention of prosecutors and the court. And that the Ohio Attorney General is calling for a grand jury to force the sixteen other teen witnesses to divulge what they know about who else was involved. (Includes graphic video, images, and texts.)

About the “New Rape Scam! Please Read!” Scam (Also with the Title “New Way To Abduct Female”)

A new version of the years-old ‘attempted abduction and rape in Target parking lot’ scam is making the rounds. “NEW  RAPE SCAM!  PLEASE READ!” the headline screams, going on to exhort the readers to “Please  pass on to all your girlfriends, wives, etc. Just  to be on the safe side. Please be aware  and pass  it on to anyone you think this will help.”. This newest version even says that the info checks out on mythbusting website Snopes where, in fact, it absolutely doesn’t check out.