Facebook: Now that We Own Instagram, All Your Pictures Are Belong to Us and We Can Sell Them With No Royalty to You

#Boycottinstagram is trending on Twitter and with good reason. Now that Facebook officially owns Instagram, they can use your pictures to sell and use however they want, royalty-free, and short of deleting your Instagram account, you have waived your rights and can’t opt out. Facebook has proven time and time again that they care little about user privacy, but now they are blatantly stating that they can use your own content for revenue, and they don’t care a lick about paying royalties.

About Google’s “New” Privacy Policy

Lots of people are talking about the “new” Google privacy policy that was announced by Google yesterday (Tuesday, January 24th). But really, it’s not so much a new privacy policy as it is a restatement and consolidation of the privacy policies that they have had in place all along, and a statement of their intention to start doing more with the personal data to which use you have already agreed.