First Rule of Office Affair: Turn Off the Lights and Stay Away from the Windows

A married man who was having an affair with a colleague at the Marsh Ltd. insurance office in the Rabobank building in Christchurch, New Zealand, got more than he bargained for when having an evening quickie at the office. The couple inadvertantly put on a show for a the patrons of a bar across the street, and the photos that the voyeurs snapped quickly went viral as they were live-tweeted on Twitter and posted to Facebook, leading to full disclosure of the affair.

Online Effort to Get Rid of All Cats in New Zealand

If you have cats, you may not realize that you are living with cold-blooded killers, at least you are according to New Zealand man Gareth Morgan. According to him, the country of New Zealand must eradicate cats, and then ban cats, in order to save the birds. Garrett Morgan has launched an online petition to completely get rid of cats in New Zealand, and even suggests euthanasia as an option for current cat owners.