Here Are the Benefits of eBay’s Concierge Service, including Live Chat with Customer Service!

eBay is slowly rolling out its premium eBay Concierge Service to both buyers and sellers. Launched just about exactly one year ago, in October 2016, eBay’s Concierge services have only been available to a select few, are by invite only, and among other things allow Concierge members to chat in real-time with a customer service agent! Here’s what you need to know if you get one of these invitations.

New Easier Way to Block Requests and Invitations from Facebook Apps

Facebook has quietly enabled a new, easier way to block Facebook apps from spamming you with invitations, requests, and other annoying intrusions, and here’s how to block Facebook apps using this new convenient method. This is a welcome change, as previously you had to go to a completely different page in order to block an app (although if you want to instead block all invitations from a particular user, you still need to go to that “manage apps” page).