Google Glass Detector Claims to Block Google Glass

If you are one of the legion who think that Google Glass sucks, at least in terms of privacy invasion, you may also be wondering if it is possible to jam Google Glass. Until now there was no simple way to block Google Glass wearers from taking a video or photos of you, but now there may be. Julian Oliver has written a script,, with which, says Oliver, you can “Find a Google Glass and kick it from the network.”

How the Winners of the Google Glass #IfIHadGlass Contest Plan to Put Google Glasses to Their Best Use

The Google Glass has hit the fans, with Google Glass Glasses starting to ship to those who won the right to receive their very own Google Glass Glasses by wooing Google in the #IfIHadGlass contest on Twitter and Google+. It’s a big deal, at least for some, because at this point in time nobody else can buy Google Glass – only the 10,000 people who won the right to purchase them (at $1500 per) will have them along with, of course, a select few at Google. So, what are the best uses for Google Glass? Here are what the If I Had Glass contest winners plan to do. But first, just what are Google Glass Glasses?