Amazon Music Playlists Gone? Try This! Plus Amazon Shutting Down Customer Forums!

Have you experienced the frustration of building a playlist through the Amazon Music app, only to have dozens of songs disappear as your playlist either reverts back to a previous version, or disappears altogether and comes up with the playlist empty? You probably already tried searching the Amazon forums, only to discover that not only is there no relief, but that Amazon is shutting their forums down! We can’t help with the forums, but we can help with your missing music playlists! In fact, it’s likely not that the songs actually disappeared – it’s much more likely that it is the app.

About All Those She’s Gone Ads on Facebook

If you are on Facebook you can’t avoid them. The “She’s gone” ads, suggesting that celebrities like Sally Fields, Betty White, Meryl Streep, Sandra Bullock, Susan Sarandon, and Kris Jenner, have died (they haven’t), with the weird domain names, are everywhere. Click on them, and each and every one of them leads not to news that they have died (surprise, surprise) but a website selling Beauty and Truth (oh, the irony) brand youth serum.