Thought Someone Was Blocked on Facebook? Think Again as Facebook Announces Blocking Bug Hit Nearly 1million FB Users

Earlier this week, in fact just before the 4th of July (was that planned, knowing fewer people would be paying attention?), Facebook announced that a “blocking bug” (actually an “unblocking bug – some outlets have been referring to it as a virus) had hit more than 800,000 users, causing people that the Facebook users had blocked to become unblocked, with no notice or warning.

People Who Comment on Your Facebook Posts Aren’t Always Your Friends

Facebook recently made it so that when someone comments on one of your posts, the friends of that commenter will see that comment, and your post, even if they are not friends with you. And, they can comment on that post of yours, even though they are not friends with you*. Now, commenting on your post seems a rather friendly thing to do, so you may be tempted to send these people a friend request. After all, they came and posted on your timeline. And you have at least one friend (probably more) in common. Sending a friend request seems the neighbourly thing to do with someone who writes on your wall, and with whom you share common friends.

U.S. Justice Department Moves to Block AT and T / T-Mobile Merger

If the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) has its way, the proposed merger between AT and T and T-Mobile will be vetoed, because it will create a monopoly in violation of antitrust law. According to papers filed by the DOJ in Federal court, “AT and T’s elimination of T-Mobile as an independent, low-priced rival would remove a significant competitive force from the market.”

Facebook is Now Choosing Which Friends’ Feeds to Show You and Blocking the Rest! Here’s How to Get All of Your Facebook Friends’ Feeds Back

With recent changes to Facebook, it turns out that Facebook is now choosing which friends’ news feeds to show you in the live feed view, and, essentially, blocking all the rest! Meaning that all of your other friends are blocked from being shown in your live feed update! Here’s how to undo that and get all of your Facebook friends’ live feed news back.