RFID Manufacturer Poo-poos Privacy Advocates, Ridicules Those with Concerns

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From our “How not to win friends and influence people” department:

Derren Bibby, chief technologist at RFID manufacturer Noblestar, has described an American privacy advocacy group which has expressed concern over the proliferation of RFIDs into everyday life as “some kind of fringe group in America” and “the kind of people you need to watch out for” (Bibby and Noblestar are both headquartered in Britain).

Katherine Albrecht, the director of the slighted advocacy group, CASPIAN, also a doctoral researcher at Harvard, may take umbrage with being described as a fringe element and the kind of person for which one needs to watch out. Especially when polls show that nearly 70 percent of the American public has concerns about the potential uses of RFID chips.

Judging by the response to our post about RFIDs going in to U.S. passports, it seems that you, dear readers, are part of the lunatic fringe too.

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