Now You Can Drop Off Amazon Returns at a Kohl’s Near You

Last year, somewhat quietly, Amazon and Kohl’s launched a partnership in which Kohls would accept your Amazon returns, no questions asked, and no need to even repackage your return. The launch was in just a few locations, however this week Kohl’s announced that, by July, they are expanding the Kohl’s Amazon Returns program to all Kohl’s stores. Here’s everything you need to know to return your Amazon return at a Kohl’s.

Warning: Beware Fake DHL Email Notice

The Internet Patrol was recently tipped off to a fake DHL notice that is making the rounds. The fake DHL notification is relatively easy to detect IF you do not have the use of ‘friendly name’ enabled, and instead see the actual ‘from’ email address, which is, or some version thereof. (The .tk domain is Tokelau, a territory of New Zealand.)

Turo – AirBnB for Car Rentals – Takes Off. But Should It?

Did you know that there is what amounts to an Airbnb for renting cars? Meet Turo, the gig economy app that describes itself as “Way better than a rental car”, and boasts “Book unforgettable cars from local hosts around the world.” Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like: you rent someone else’s car, through the Turo app, just as you would rent someone’s house through Airbnb. In fact it’s sort of like the unholy love child of Airbnb and Uber.

The Mueller Report Online – Full Text of the Mueller Report Including Conclusions

As a public service, as many do not have the ability to or know how to navigate the Internet to find such documents, the Internet Patrol is providing access to the full text of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report. Even this public version, while heavily redacted, is still an historic moment in our democracy. Here is the full text of the Mueller Report.

Gmail ‘Skip the Inbox’ Filter Not Working? This May Be Why – and How to Fix It

If you are one of countless Gmail users who have set filters for their incoming email, only to find that Gmail seems to be ignoring or overriding your filter, well, you’re not alone. For example, you may have set a filter for email from certain people or mailing lists to skip the inbox, and yet those same emails keep ending up in the inbox. Here’s how to fix that.

Worldwide GPS System Reset Tonight Could Spell Trouble for Countless Devices and Systems

The GPS rollover – it sounds like an April Fools joke a few days late, but it’s not. It feels like Y2K, but more confusing. The GPS (Global Positioning System) rollover – which is actually a reset – is going to happen tonight (April 6, 2019) at 7:59pm EST / 4:59pm PST / 11:59 GMT. That is when the GPS system will reset its time-tracking to 00:00.

ATT Starts Tagging Telemarketer and Spam Calls and ATT and Comcast Announce Anti-Robocalling Caller ID Partnership

AT T has started tagging telemarketer calls, so that if you have AT T and receive a telemarketing call, you will instantly know that is what it is. Concurrently, AT T and Comcast have announced a new Caller ID technology partnership which they are calling an “anti-robocalling milestone”, and in which calls that are authenticated and verified will show that the caller is verified.