MySpace to Debut “People You May Know” Feature

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MySpace is gearing up to debut a “People You May Know” feature, it has recently been leaked to the Internet Patrol.

The Internet Patrol has in its possession an apparently early-released invitation which reads:

“Dear MySpace user;

We’ve added a great new feature to the site that can help you find more friends on MySpace. Click the link below, and you’ll find a list of people you may know:

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Note: you must be logged in on MySpace to view this, if you are not logged in, the link above will take you to the login page first.

Thanks and happy friending.”

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Now, if you go there right now, you’ll get an error, telling you that “The People You May Know feature is not publically available yet. We’re testing things out…stay tuned,” so clearly it’s not quite yet ready for prime time. However, we can theorize that it basically cross-references people who are friends of your friends, or perhaps friends of X of your friends.

Of course, Facebook has had this feature for a while, only it’s involuntary – Facebook “suggests” people whom you may want to friend.

All of this, no doubt, in the name of the quest for social media domination. We only wonder when Google will bring out GoogleSpaceBook. Once they do, all bets are off.

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