AOL Shutting Down Instant Messenger – AIM Will be Discontinued on December 15, 2017

AOL has announced that they will be discontinuing AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) as of December 15, 2017 (that’s 10 weeks from today). As the iconic, and essentially first, widely deployed, widely used, and widely successful instant messenger, this has come as a shock to some, who are actively mourning AIM’s demise, and pretty unhappy about AOL getting rid of Instant Messenger.

Verizon Gets Rid of Email – Sends Verizon Email Users to AOL

If you use Verizon for your email, receiving email at or sending it from a email address, have we got some news for you: Verizon is retiring their email service. This means you have two options: switching to a new system entirely and losing your email address, or switching to AOL (where you will still be able to send/receive using your Verizon email address).

Yahoo and AOL DMARC Reject Policy Leads to Disabling of Microsoft Email Addresses on Mailing Lists

Now that Yahoo and AOL are both stating through the DMARC p=reject that any email coming from a yahoo or aol address that isn’t sent from a yahoo or aol server should be rejected (bounced), problems are cropping up for Hotmail, Outlook, and MSN users, who are finding their own email addresses being removed from mailing lists for no apparent reason. But there is a reason.

The NSA PRISM Spying Program with Facebook, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Verizon and Others Explained in Plain English

The Internet, the country, and indeed the whole world is abuzz with the news of PRISM, the no-longer-secret program of the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) first exposed by Glenn Greenwald of the British newspaper The Guardian, through which the United States federal government is accessing and mining all sorts of user data from the major ISPs and possibly cell phone companies. Data which is potentially about just about anybody and everybody, even you. The list of companies and ISPs alleged to be involved with PRISM, by which we mean allowing the government to data mine their users’ data, is impressive (read as “scary”) indeed, although most of them are quick to deny it. However, we have evidence (see screenshots below) that even though they are denying it, Apple, Microsoft, Yahoo, Facebook, PalTalk, YouTube, Skype, and AOL are all involved. There are rumours of DropBox and Amazon joining. And Verizon is also giving the Feds access to their user data. But as 1984 as this all is, we really only have one question: why is anybody surprised?

No Warrant Necessary for Law Enforcement to Access Data Stored in the Cloud

With the recent decision in the Fricosu case, ruling that one can be forced to provide the password to your encrypted hard drive, you may be thinking it is better to store things “in the cloud”. In fact, it can be worse, as cloud storage currently requires no warrant for law enforcement to access any of your data which has been stored in the cloud for at least 180 days.

New “AOL Administration Center Notification” Scam Spam

A whole lot of people are getting the latest spam scam that supposedly is sent from the “AOL Administration Center” (there is no such thing, folks). Coming from the spoofed email address “”, the email tells you that “you have 1 notification”, and includes a link to click to see the “notification”. In fact, this is a classic example of Canadian pharmacy spam.

AOL for Sale

Rumors are flying about AOL being put up for sale, with some people wondering whether AOL is to close. While an AOL shutdown seems unlikely in the near term, it does seem to be the case that AOL is going to go up on the block. According to industry sources, AOL has been meeting with both legal and investment types about selling themselves off to the highest bidder.

AOL and Yahoo to Merge and form AO-Hoo?

Once considered two of the top ISPs, AOL and Yahoo have both been somewhat stagnant for years. While Yahoo’s new CEO, Carol Bartz, has managed to stabalize Yahoo’s profits by cutting costs, they are far from out of the woods. Despite AOL’s market value – at just $2.7 billion – being only 13 percent of Yahoo’s, AOL is said to be exploring various arrangements that could see it buying Yahoo or, at least, merging with Yahoo.

The Company Behind All That Address Book Scraping that Flixster, Facebook, and Others are Doing

According to a tip received by the Internet Patrol, the resident evil behind the throngs of social networking and other sites that are tricking people into logging into their AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, and Gmail accounts, and scraping their address book, has a name, and that name is Sigma Visual Technologies. Sigma Visual Technologies provides software that allows sites to get their users to import and email all of their contacts in their address books. Put another way, it lets these sites scrape and spam your contacts. In your name!

Facebook Joins Ranks of Sites Scraping Your Address Book and Spamming Your Contacts – This Time It’s AIM

The mega popular Facebook site has joined the ranks of social networking sites that trick you into providing your password so that they can steal your AOL , Yahoo, MSN, or other address book, and spam all of your contacts. Only this time it’s with a twist – they are actually spamming your AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) contacts in your Buddy List! The spam starts out like this: “According to his Facebook status, Friend’s Name (their username) is now “Friend’s Nickname”. Friend invites you to join Facebook and keep up with what he and your other friends are doing.” What we want to know is WHY are AOL, Yahoo, and MSN continuing to let this go on?