A TIP Exclusive: Man with RFID in Hand Takes Your Questions!

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As our readers know, we reported earlier this week on Amal Graafstra, the Washington man who had an RFID chip implanted in his left hand. With the RFID chip in his hand, Graafstra intends to automatically unlock his car and house doors, log in to his computer system, and more.

Many of you had many comments and questions, and now, by special arrangement with Mr. Graafstra, The Internet Patrol’s readers can submit questions for us to ask Mr. Graafstra during an upcoming interview, to be be published right here on The Internet Patrol website.

So go ahead, dear readers, and post your questions for the man with the RFID chip in his hand. We will be collecting and compiling your questions over the next day or so. Post them right here in the comment section to this post, and we’ll do our best to include all questions in the interview with Mr. Graafstra.

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One thought on “A TIP Exclusive: Man with RFID in Hand Takes Your Questions!

  1. Being something of an Orwellian, I would have a difficult time implanting chips in my body. Isn’t Mr. Graafstra afraid of the possible misuses of that chip? Or have they even occured to him?


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