Paypal Introduces “Proposition and Pay People to Do Stuff” Service

In an interesting move that may or may not be tied to the economic times, Paypal has introduced a new service in which it exhorts you to proposition people and offer to pay them to do stuff. Or, as they say in one of their online ads, “Get stuff done for money”. “Get stuff done for money,” says the ad. “Use PayPal’s “Do Stuff for Money” to get your friends to do stuff for money. Because sometimes just asking isn’t enough.”

What is the Triple Bottom Line and How it Applies to the Internet

You may have heard a lot of talk about “the triple bottom line” lately, and you may be wondering just what the triple bottom line is. The triple bottom line (also expressed as TBL, 3BL, or “people, planet, profit”) is a way of measuring an organization’s social and enviromental impacts as well as its financial health. But what about a triple bottom line analysis of the Internet?