Pakistan Accidentally Triggers YouTube Outage Around the World

Hundreds of thousands of would-be video watchers found that YouTube was down for them Tuesday night – in fact it’s still down for some people – because of an oopsie by the Pakistan government, trying to block its own people from accessing YouTube. Instead, Pakistan accidentally ended up blocking as much as 2/3rs of YouTube users around the world from accessing YouTube.

Wikileaks Posts Thousands of Classified Afghan War Field Reports, Has White House in Uproar

The whistle-blowing, secret-revealing, classified document-exposing website,, has posted tens of thousands of classified documents – many of them field reports, all of them related to the war in Afghanistan – which taken together paint a picture of exactly how the U.S. war in Afghanistan and Pakistan is going, and has been going. The WikiLeak documents, spanning the period from 2004 up through last year, and estimated at between 75,000 and 90,000 in number, and labeled by WikiLeaks “The Afghan War Diary”, represent one of the single biggest leaks in United States history. These Afghan War Diaries have the White House and the rest of the U.S. administration in a tizzy, revealing, as they do, unreported civilian casualties, an allegation that Pakistan is backing the Taliban in Afghanistan, and information about the elusive “Task Force 373” (being misreported in some coverage as “Task Force 273”), which is purported to be the unit used to target and take out high ranking enemy persons of interest.