AOL for Sale

Rumors are flying about AOL being put up for sale, with some people wondering whether AOL is to close. While an AOL shutdown seems unlikely in the near term, it does seem to be the case that AOL is going to go up on the block. According to industry sources, AOL has been meeting with both legal and investment types about selling themselves off to the highest bidder.

Huffington Post Lawsuit Explained: HuffPo Sued by Its Own Bloggers for Deceptive Business Practices

The Huffington Post (which variously also goes by HuffPost, Huff Post, HuffPo, or Huff Po), is being sued in a class action law suit by its own bloggers. The lawsuit, which names Ariana Huffington and Kenneth Lerer, the two co-founders of the Huffington Post, as defendants, alleges deceptive business practices and unjust enrichment. AOL, which recently acquired the Huffington Post for $315 million (which is what triggered the lawsuit) is also a named defendant.