Lawsuit against Facebook for Tracking of Logged Out Users: Update on Perrin Davis v Facebook 17-17486 plus Full Transcript of Hearing Before the 9th Circuit

The Internet tracking lawsuit against Facebook for tracking users after those users have logged out of Facebook is awaiting a decision from the 9th Circuit as to whether it can move forward. The hearing in the matter of Perrin Davis v. Facebook, 17-17486 before the 3-judge panel was in April of 2019 (full transcript of that hearing included).

Court Rules Free Services Means You’re Not a Customer, So No Privacy Protection

Peter Deacon had been a Pandora user for years, using Pandora’s free service. Then Pandora shared his private information, including his full name, his music preferences, and what he listened to, both on Facebook, and for anyone searching the Internet, Not cool, he thought, and sued for breach of privacy. But the Michigan high court ruled last week that because he doesn’t pay for the Pandora account, he is not a ‘customer’, and so not entitled to privacy protection.