Track Any Computer on the Internet Using its Clock Skew Fingerprint

It is now possible to track and identify a computer anywhere it goes on the Internet by using its clock skew as a method for fingerprinting it. Clock skew is what a computer thinks the time is as compared to other time-keeping with which it is interfacing. And when measured against other quantifiable processes when the computer is connected to the Internet, it can apparently provide a reliable fingerprint, unique and allowing it to be tracked across the Internet. Voila. The clock skew fingerprint.

Another Slain Soldier’s Family Fights for Access to His Last Digital Words

Some of you will remember that just before Christmas we wrote about the Ellsworth family, whose son was slain in combat in Iraq, and who were subsequently trying to get Yahoo to let them have access to their son’s email account. Yahoo had staunchly refused, citing their privacy policy. Well, it’s happened again, to another family, the Linn family of Midlothian, Virginia, who have found themselves pitted against Reno-based Internet service provider