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How Can I Delete Email without Opening or “Reading” It on a Mac?

There are many reasons for wanting to be able to delete an email without opening it; for example, you may suspect that it contains malware and don’t want to have spyware installed on your computer. But one of the most common reasons that someone would want to know how to delete email without opening it or “reading” it on a Mac is because you don’t want whomever sent it to you to know that you opened it or read it.

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How to Go “Unseen” and Secretly Read Private Messages on Facebook

When you read a private Facebook message, the person who sent it sees it marked as ‘seen’ or marked as ‘read’. But have you ever wished that you could go ‘unseen’, that is to read a private message on Facebook without the other person knowing you’ve read it? Here is how to read a Facebook message without the person who sent it knowing.

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Facebook Admits that it CAN Read Your Android Text Messsages; Swears that it Doesn’t

Facebook is hotly denying the allegations that it reads text messages sent through the Facebook app available on Android phones, which includes text messaging. Oh, they readily admit that they can read them, they just deny that they are reading them.