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Fascinating! 120 “Best of” Articles on Computer History and Predictions for Only $9.99 on Kindle!

Now you can own a little piece – no, scratch that – a big piece of computer history, for your own, for less than $10.00! This compilation of more than 120 articles, from the Best of Creative Computing, circa 1978, is sure to appeal to and fascinate geeks of all persuasions: science fiction buffs, science fact buffs, technology history buffs, educators, and just average Joes who find this sort of thing interesting. It is at once a fabulous overview and review of both computing history, and computer predictions of the future. Now you can look back from that future, boggle at how far we have come, and marvel at who got it right, and who got it oh-so-wrong. All for just $9.99!

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Track Where in the U.S. the Flu Outbreaks are with Google Flu Trends

Want to know the flu picture in your area? Don’t wait for the Center for Disease Control to tell you – use the Google flu tracker! According to Google, their new Google Flu Trends service can predict and provide you with flu trend predictions as much as two weeks earlier than can the CDC!