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Bed Bug Registry Website Alerts You to Bed Bug Problems at Hotels and Other Locations

Bed bugs have been in the news a lot lately. It turns out that bedbugs are having a population resurgence, at least in part, say bed bug extermination experts, due to the ban on the pesticide DDT. In particular, travelers who stay in hotels are being advised to sterilize their luggage and belongings upon returning home, in an effort to get rid of bed bugs which may have hitched a ride. Bed bug exterminators advise that when it comes to how to kill bed bugs, heat can be your best friend. But how to avoid bed bugs in the first place? That’s where the Bed Bug Registry website comes in. Offering bed bug information on hotels and other locations throughout the United States – and you can register your own bed bug hotel finds too – the registery also offers resources and links to all sorts of bedbug information. Wondering “what do bed bugs look like” or even “what do bed bug bites look like”? It’s all there, with links to bed bug pictures and bed bug bite pictures, and information about bed bug symptoms, bed bug treatment, and bed bug control, among other things.