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The Best Way to Read Mark Twain’s Autobiography

Mark Twains autobiography was published for the first time this past November, in keeping with his wishes that the Mark Twain auto biography not be published until 100 years after his death (Mark Twain’s date of death was April 21, 1910; Mark Twain’s date of birth was November 30, 1835). In the autobiography Mark Twain clearly indicates that he is speaking freely (and often shockingly) about friends, acquaintances, enemies, and other contemporaries, because he has fixed it so that the Mark Twain autobiography cannot be published during their lifetime or, indeed, the lifetime of their children. And so it is that the Mark Twain autobio is only just now coming to light, and well worth the wait: Mark Twains life was very interesting. Straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak, it only makes sense that of all the Mark Twain biographies one might read, at the top of the list should be Mark Twains biography of himself. But how to read it, when the font is so tiny that it almost necessitates a magnifying glass, and weighs in at hefty 743 pages of tiny print? Here’s how.