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Dear Gentle Readers,

Aunty Spam’s Net Patrol is participating in a survey to determine what
are the interests and backgrounds of Aunty’s wonderful readers (that’s

Please do not feel compelled to take this survey, but if you are so
inclined and would, Aunty would really appreciate it.
It will take you less than five minutes to complete, and will help
Aunty to make some decisions such as whether to start offering

The survey is sponsored by BlogAds, but Aunty assures you that they are
not tracking people personally, and in fact the survey is anonymous.

If you take the survey for Aunty, please be SURE to put “Net Patrol” in
the “referring blog” box at question #16 (there are only 18 questions
total), so that Aunty will know which responses are from her readers
and can get a good sense of what her dear readers are thinking!

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If you have a moment, and are willing to help Aunty out, here is the

Kissy kissy,


Aunty Spam

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