Man who Killed Wife, and Posted Picture and Confession on Facebook, Convicted of Murder

Derek Medina, also known as the Facebook Killer, was convicted of second-degree murder just before Thanksgiving. He is known as the Facebook Killer because immediately after shooting his wife, Jennifer Alfonso, several times, he posted a picture of her body, along with a confession that he had killed her, on Facebook.

[Warning: Graphic images below.]

“Im going to prison or death sentence for killing my wife love you guys miss you guys takecare Facebook people you will see me in the news,” Medina wrote under the picture of his bloodied wife. “my wife was punching me and I’m not going to stand anymore with the abuse so I did what I did I hope u understand me “.”

Picture of Jennifer Alfonso’s Body that Derek Medina Posted to Facebook
jennifer alfonso


Derek Medina’s Facebook Confession Posted Under Picture of His Wife’s Body
derek medina facebook confession


Medina never wavered from his assertion that he was the victim of domestic violence at the hands of Alfonso, but even if true, the defense was never likely to exhonerate him. A 200-lb, allegedly undefeated amateur boxer, Medina was also a security guard. Not a particularly believable picture of the victim of domestic abuse, regardless of how true it may have been.

{Ed. note: According to the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC), men are more often the victims of physical domestic violence than women, and over 40% of ‘severe physical domestic violence’ is directed at men by women.}

The Medinas had always had a tumultuous relationship, and in fact they had divorced once, and remarried.

Derek Medina and Jennifer Alfonso in happier times
derek medina jennifer alfonso happier times


Alfonso talked of ripping Medina’s face off, gouging out his eyes, and her blood boiling, both to friends, and in a journal that she had entitled “The mind of an Insane women”.

I think a lot about the past and how much pain we have put each other through makes me wonder if its really love holding us together. I don’t really think that I make him happy… all I know is I’ve worked all night and can’t sleep thinking about my unhappy husband and zombies and the world coming to its demise…

After little situations that me and Derek have been through, I find myself uncontrolably jelouse (sic), like want to murder type deal, only the feel…We attempted to go shopping today…maybe 40 minutes his eyes start wandering, more than once, of course my blood boiled and I wanted to rip his eyes right out of the socket, disrespect.

Early on in the trial, Medina himself attempted to introduce video evidence, even though he was represented by counsel, that he said would prove that he was acting in self-defense.

“One second your honor I have something to address…We have video evidence. We have video evidence…” Medina attempted.

The Judge interrupted him, advising his attorney to talk with his client, and advising Medina that he was being recorded.

“Understood your honor,” responded Medina, “but if it’s being recorded you need to hear this,” adding that “It’s not premature, it’s video evidence of Jennifer Alfonso attempting to murder me…we have slow motion of her attempting to murder me your honor.”

It’s unclear what video Medina was referring to; there was surveillance video from their residence complex, but all news reports talk only of video that shows the moment of the shooting, and Medina leaving and coming back with his phone to take the picture which he then posted to Facebook.

A forensics expert refuted the prosecutions assertions as to Alfonso’s posture when shot, and a knife, purported to be the knife with which Alfonso allegedly threatened Medina, was introduced into evidence.

All of this may be why Medina received a 2nd-degree murder conviction, rather than first degree.

But of course, it was also in the face of evidence of a picture of his dead wife, and a confession, that he himself posted to Facebook within minutes of the shooting.

Derek Medina, the “Facebook Killer”, will serve 25 years to life.

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Man who Killed Wife, and Posted Picture and Confession on Facebook, Convicted of Murder
Article Name
Man who Killed Wife, and Posted Picture and Confession on Facebook, Convicted of Murder
"Facebook Killer" Derek Medina posted a picture of his wife Jennifer Alfonso's body, with a confession that he had killed her, to Facebook. He's been convicted of 2nd-degree murder.

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