Back from a Whirlwind Month

Welcome back, me!

As I had mentioned in our last edition, I have been away for nearly the entire month of April, first taking a holiday, then attending a workshop in Arizona, and then running a microcomputer workshop on the beautiful California coast.

During our holiday, among other things, we went to the Grand Canyon, to the Native American ruins at Tuzigoot Pueblo and Montezuma’s Castle, and on a photo safari! Here are some pictures!


The Grand Canyon:

This Grand Canyon squirrel was very cheeky (in all senses of the word!):

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Tuzigoot Pueblo ruins:

Montezuma’s Castle ruins:

African Photo Safari:


It was great to be away, and it is great to be back.

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One Reply to “Back from a Whirlwind Month”

  1. The next trip you make, be sure to visit Walnut Canyon. It’s just east of Flagstaff, and east of Meteor Crater.
    You can tour the canyon and visit over a score of ruins left by cliff dwellers.
    The neat thing about this area is that you start at the top and meander down the trail rather than standing below and looking up.

    When I was young (1954-ish), we were still able to get into the Tonto ruins and Montezuma. Soon after they were closed to protect the ruins from more ruin caused by calous touristas.

    The Walnut ruins are in varying degrees of disrepair and repair, so you can see just how much “modern – superior – civilization” affects everything it can get to.

    All in all, the visit will probably please you and make you want to return for more.

    Then head north from Flag and take in Sunset Crater, a dormant volcano with really cool ice caves (pun intended for emphasis).

    Then resume your northward trek toward Bitter Springs/Page and take in the emmense beauty of the “paint pot mounds”. These are like tiny, dolomite volcanos scattered around the desolation. They are in “Indian Nations’ Territory, so there is no Park protection, but they seem to be of such insignificance to modern travelers that, last time(s) I passed through them they were virtually unmolested.

    Take plenty of photos as most people will never see these things unless you show them. Even Arizona Hiways has not given them much coverage in my experience over the years.

    We now live in Chillicothe, Missouri, but have very warm memories and feelings for those areas and others in the Great Sonora.

    Bon Adventure!

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