Zooming Google Maps

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This week it was discovered (or at least made public) that you can zoom Google maps and Google Earth far beyond what the regular Google maps interface allows.

Here are two examples that we did ourselves, once learning the secret of zooming Google maps (below the pictures we tell you how you too can super-zoom Google maps!)

Check out these folks at what appears to be a watering hole with their camels and other animals in Chad (scroll the map around to see the herd of camels):


And here’s proof that the boat at Treasure Island in Las Vegas is on tracks!

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Zooming Google Maps
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Ok, ready to do it yourself?

Here’s the secret:


Go to a location in Google maps. Zoom it as close as you can through the regular interface. Now, click on the “link to this page” link in the upper right. After you do that look at the URL in the address bar. Somewhere in the URL you should see “z=19” (it’s usually 19, at least). That number, 19, is the zoom value. In some, but not all, locations, you can change the z value to 20, 21, 22, or even 23! Places known to be super zoomable include Las Vegas, parts of New York, and Chad. What other locations can you find to super zoom? Let us know!

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Zooming Google Maps

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If you find this useful please share it!

10 Replies to “Zooming Google Maps”

  1. Sweet, more and more things with hidden functions these days.
    The ad is ok, but seriously, move it please.

  2. You really shoud take down the winantivirus ad at the top of the page. Do you support the distribution of this malware. Shame! Shame!!

  3. Russell,
    Yes, it’s well known that the majority of high-zoom images in GE are taken by airplanes. The GE website even says so.

    The men in the picture are most likely looking at whatever aircraft what taking the shot.

  4. Correction– the reference to Google Earth in the opening of the article is misleading since no such “link to this page” can be found in Google EATH BUT it DOES exist in the upper right in Google MAPS as touted by Net Patrol. Duuh and a head slap to myself and apologies to NP for too quick a trigger pull before the notion registered in the ol’ cranium…

  5. Can’t find the supposed link… When will Net-Patrol either own up to spreading this bogus tip or correct it??!!?? ISIPP has perpetuated its OWN SPAM!! The press musst be alerted.

  6. Or, you can just load up Google Earth and zoom in even closer… in those areas of the earth that have high resolution photos. And yes Russell, the high resolution images are NOT satellite photos.

  7. Has no one else noticed that in the camel picture at least 3 men are looking up as if it they are looking at whatever it is that is taking their snapshot? Makes you wonder if these images are coming from more than just satellites.

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