Yahoo’s 10th Birthday Netrospective – Spam, File Sharing, Minor Threat, and More

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Happy Birthday to Yahoo, which is celebrating its 10th birthday with not only a big Yahoo, but a “netrospective”.

“What the yahoo is a netrospective?”, you may ask.

Apparently it’s a cute play on words – a retrospective with respect to the Internet. In this case Yahoo’s netrospective is a survey of the top 100 ..something. Based on Jonathan Harris’ 10×10 news site, the Yahoo netrospective offers a 10×10 grid of 100 pictures, each of which is linked to an Internet event or phenomena from the past ten years, and apparently picked at least in part by determining the top 100 search terms.

Interestingly, these feature many Internet nasties, including spam, viruses, hackers, domain jacking, browser wars, and sex. Ok, that last isn’t an Internet nasty – unless it’s done right.

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Yahoo’s 10th Birthday Netrospective – Spam, File Sharing, Minor Threat, and More

Interestingly there are only two people featured by their actual name, unless you count “Dot Com Guy”, and they are Howard Dean, and Minor Threat. Hopefully you know who Howard Dean is, and if you don’t, you need to spend less time on the Internet and more out in the real world. Or maybe vice veresa.

Minor Threat was the hacker ordinarily known as Chris Lamprecht, and who has the dubious distinction of being the first person to be kicked off the Internet as part of the terms of his sentencing. As in “thou shalt not log on to the Internet again, at all.”

In addition to offering the netrospective, Yahoo users can also get a free ice cream just by logging in and printing out a coupon for Baskin Robins.

33 flavours, 100 pictures, 10 years.

Happy Birthday, Yahoo!

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Yahoo’s 10th Birthday Netrospective – Spam, File Sharing, Minor Threat, and More

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3 Replies to “Yahoo’s 10th Birthday Netrospective – Spam, File Sharing, Minor Threat, and More”

  1. i love how my comment on yahoo dissappeared. nice.
    what are you, a stockholder?

  2. Hey Aunty….
    just as a heads up, yahoo is not always good guys…and have lately been working against the first amendment of our constitution…they have been deleting websites/user accounts of folks that dissent from the bush administrations attracks on civil liberties…happened to me, and i was a PAYING customer…apparently something that I posted violated their TOS…and my political discussion group (a PRIVATE invite -only one)dissappeared…when i inquired, they deleted my user accounts…as well as those of my FAMILY, most notably my wife, who was NOT involved in any way whatsoever.
    she is a victim in this…no warning, no reason given, they deleted her for MY actions…possibly…but will not tell us what i supposedly “did”.
    them nice friendly folks told us if we wanted any info at all we had to SUE them.
    so…when all was said and done…we lost our websites,contacts, they even stole my IE bookmarks.
    yahoo sux, period…and folks need to know just how insecure EVERYONE that uses their spyware based service really is.
    of note: (and more folks need to be awrae of this) on their TOS page, if one looks closely at the links, there is an ability to opt out of their spying.
    EVERYSINGLE BLOODY THING YOU DO ONLINE is being spyed on by yahoo if you don’t.
    THEY should be classed with cool websearch as evil spyware…not to mention all the spam generated by this spying.
    think about it.
    thanks for your time, feel free to contact me if you need more details.
    pink jimi photon

  3. Hey! Here’s an idea some of the kids are trying on this here interweb thing: when you talk about another website or page, you put what they call a “link” to it. Apparently, the viewer can “click” on the “link” and be taken directly to the page you were talking about!!! Try it sometime…all the kids are doin’ it…

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