Wondering About DontActStupidly.net? Don’t Just Wonder – Run Away!

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If you’ve seen and been wondering about the newest roadside signs touting Don’tActStupidly.net, well, so were we. So we did a little digging, and here’s what we found about DontActStupidly .net.

First of all, whoever threw this thing together can’t spell, or, even, string a cohesive sentence together.

DontActStupidly.net sells two products (allegedly), through which they claim to donate 50% of the proceeds to charity. These items are a bumper sticker which cautions .. wait for it … “Don’t Act Stupidly”, and a rock on which is imprinted “He without sin”.

The site, written by, apparently, he without clue (or literacy) states that:

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“Dontactstpuidly.net welcome all who is here to listen to our message. Our message is that you can see this fits many different subjects in everyday life.50% of all monies collected will be appropriated to legitament charities and families in need which we will post to you our fellow patriots. Please continue to witness more about the sticker as we have witnessed.”


If, however, the above hasn’t put you off, and you are seriously considering sending in money for a bumpter sticker or rock, we would urge you to first consider the information (and we use the term loosely) provided on the DontActStupidly.net “About Us” page:

By email:[email protected] ← Note bogus, misspelled email address
Business email address ([email protected] is the default) ← Needs no commentary, right?

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Mailing address will be available by 08/07/09 ← This as of 8/28/09

By phone:
555 555-1212 (between H a.m. and H p.m. time zone) ← Errr…

[email protected] (Yay! At last a real email address!)

There is more on that page, but it’s only the placeholder material that clearly was put on the page by default when they set up the website on Yahoo (it says things like “Enter details of your refund, return, or cancellation policies (if any). Provide instructions for when and how buyers can get a refund, return merchandise, or cancel an order.” – note that DontActStupidly.net has not done any of these things.”)

So, what’s the deal with the roadside signs?

As we first wrote about those roadside signs here, quite often they are affiliate plays – whomever has them printed and puts them up on the roadside gets some sort of kickback for the traffic that they send to the site.

In this case, however, things don’t quite add up, even for a roadside affiliate scheme. In the first place, nowhere on the site can you sign up to be an affiliate. That would suggest that perhaps it’s really just a local effort to promote a site created by a local person. However, in the second place, the person to whom the domain DontActStupidly.net is registered – ToniLynn Durand – is in Florida (or Middletown, NY, it’s unclear where she is at the time of this writing), and the signs have been spotted in states that are decidedly neither New York nor Florida – they don’t even border either state.

In the third place, ToniLynn Durand, who has a college degree, and is a trained chef, to boot, is almost certainly more articulate (not to mention literate) than the verbiage on the site would suggest.

Curiouser still, DontActStupidly.net, which was registered just last month, was registered only four days after the registration of DontActStupidly.com, which has no site (but a lot of GoDaddy ads) on it, and which was registered to someone who is in a state where one of the signs was spotted.

All enough to make you go “hmmm…”.. but not a whole lot more.

While it’s unclear exactly what the deal is with the DontActStupidly.net site, or who is behind it, one thing is clear: we certainly wouldn’t give them our money.

Have you spotted a DontActStupidly.net sign? If so, tell us where.

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