Windows XP Users Can’t Connect to Internet After Latest Kaspersky Anti-Virus Update

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If you are a Windows XP user running Kaspersky anti-virus and you can’t connect to the internet from your computer, you are not alone. The latest update to the AV software is preventing many users from being able to connect to the internet, causing users to swarm to the Kaspersky forum to grumble.

The software was released yesterday and knocked users offline, causing a help desk nightmare for IT administrators as calls began to pour in. Several IT admins reported that they were able to fix the problem with small workarounds, but unfortunately the workarounds were all temporary solutions since they involved shutting down port monitoring and disabling Kaspersky’s Web Anti-Virus component.

Kaspersky responded to the issue, saying:


‘We apologize for the inconvenience. It does appear that there was a hiccup with an update pushed out causing Windows XP machines to lose Internet connectivity. An update was just released that should address the issue, what I will need you to do is:

To get XP users Internet connectivity (temporarily), please disable the Web AV component of your protection policy for your managed computers. After doing so;

In Security Center (or Admin Kit):


1) Go to the Repositories section >> (Right click) Updates >> All Tasks >> Clear updates repository.

2) Go to the Repositories section >> (Right click) Updates >> Download Updates

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Windows XP Users Can’t Connect to Internet After Latest Kaspersky Anti-Virus Update

After taking this step, please run your group update task for Managed Computers. After the update has been pushed to your workstations, please re-enable your Web AV component in your protection policy. This should resolve the issue.”

But that response did not please several users, who were annoyed at Kaspersky’s lack of activity in their own forum. Said one user, “What’s really galling to me is their handling of it all. It’s not a crime to push out an update that breaks things. This literally happens all the time, but the apathy from Kaspersky on this forum is the deal breaker for me. My choices were either to wait an hour on hold to be told to disable the software or wait on another kind Admin to have sat thru that, then posted here.”

It seems that Kaspersky’s apathy in the forums got to more than one user, with another saying, “Thanks Kaspersky. You made my choice not to renew Kaspersky “protection” this year! Also, the apathy on this forum from Kaspersky was a nice touch…”

It does seem, though, that the Kaspersky forum users are helping one another more than Kaspersky is reportedly helping it’s users. If you are having trouble and would like to consult the forum, visit them here.

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Windows XP Users Can’t Connect to Internet After Latest Kaspersky Anti-Virus Update

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