“Why Can’t I Log Into My Account When I Know I am Using the Right Password?” This May be Why

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Can’t log into your account via an app, or via the web, when you know that you are using the right password? In fact, when you try to log in using the exact same password on the web, or via the app, respectively (whichever one is not the one you are having trouble with) the password works perfectly? We may have the answer (we use the MindBodyOnline website and app as an example, but this info will work for any site and app).

We recently personally experienced this with the website and app for the MindBodyOnline.com service. MindBodyOnline provides scheduling and other tools for fitness and wellness services. If your gym, yoga studio, or other fitness or wellness service uses MindBodyOnline, as many do, you will go to their MindBodyOnline portal when you want to join a class or schedule a session, as well as to communicate with them.

We knew we were using the right password!

MindBodyOnline can be accessed via the web portal, or via the MindBodyOnline app. You have to create an account and log in to MindBodyOnline in order to access your provider’s MindBodyOnline portal.

This is the MindBodyOnline web portal login page
mindbodyonline web login

This is the MindBodyOnline web portal when logged in
mindbodyonline web logged in

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“Why Can’t I Log Into My Account When I Know I am Using the Right Password?”  This May be Why

This is the MindBodyOnline app
mindbodyonline app


Why couldn’t we log in with the app when we could log in through the web?

Clearly we had the right username and password as we were able to log in to the MindBodyOnline account on the web, as you can see from the screenshot of our being logged in to the MindBodyOnline website.

We knew we were using the right password!

Yet the app kept telling us that we had the wrong password.

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So, why couldn’t we log in – using the exact same credentials (username and password) that worked online on the website – with the app?

Here’s the secret:

The app has an unstated – i.e. hidden – requirement that your password include a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, and numbers.

The website does not have that requirement! (At least it didn’t as of March, 2018.)

This meant that the password which we had set on the web, and which worked on the web – which was a unique combination of letters, numbers, and symbols, but without mixed case letters – would not work in the app.

As soon as we changed our password by making one letter uppercase, the password magically worked with the app.

It would have been nice if the app, or the site, or both, would have explained this requirement, so that we didn’t have to discover it by trial and error (and not a little frustration).

And that’s why we’ve written it up for you, so that if this happens to you (not just with MindBodyOnline, but with any combination of website and app) you will know to try the fix of changing your password to make sure it has a combination of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and/or numbers and symbols.

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“Why Can’t I Log Into My Account When I Know I am Using the Right Password?”  This May be Why

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3 Replies to ““Why Can’t I Log Into My Account When I Know I am Using the Right Password?” This May be Why”

  1. I am bothered by applications assuming to best know how to establish rules about passwords: characters allowed, combinations allowed, number of characters, and frequency to update. I am an adult so let me make up my password and if my selection is poor, then it is my choice so leave me alone. I wear big boy pants and can make my own decisions even if they are bad.


  2. I ran into a similar problem many years ago with an ATM card. It would work in some places, but fail in others.
    I eventually figured out that one of the ATM networks (I forget whether it was Star or Cirrus) was limiting the PIN to 4 digits, while my bank, and the other network, allowed 8.

  3. Thank you! Have been through this so many times, in the last months–now, it’s explained! Sanity saved! :>)

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