When Will My Amazon Echo Ship?

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Are you wondering when your Amazon Echo will ship? Here’s how to tell approximately when your Amazon Echo will ship. As for wanting to know – well, you’re not alone. Even though you may have ordered your Amazon Echo months ago, even Amazon can’t tell you exactly what your Echo release date or your Amazon Echo ship date will be. In fact, how they are calculating the Amazon Echo shipping dates is something of a mystery.

Here’s what we can tell you: from the time that we first explained how to sign up to get an Amazon Echo, it was no secret that from order to receipt would take some time. After all, the orders are classified as pre-orders.


And, in fact, it quickly became clear that those pre-orders for Amazon Echo wouldn’t be filled for months.

Here’s what else we can tell you: if you placed your order mid-to-late January, you are likely looking at a June or July stated release date. Yes, some people who ordered them early already have them. Those are the people who got the very first Amazon Echo invitations, and no doubt since then there has been a snowball effect.

So, how to know when to expect your Amazon Echo to arrive? Here’s how:

Log in to your Amazon account.

Go to the “Your Account” drop down, and go to “Your orders”.

amazon account orders


Find the order for your Amazon Echo.

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When Will My Amazon Echo Ship?

amazon echo order


Click on the order, and it will tell you the expected shipping date for your Amazon Echo. Well, more precisely, it will tell you the window of dates within which your Echo is expected to ship.

amazon echo shipping date


Note that in our example, the time between the order being placed and the expected shipping date for the Amazon Echo is 4½ to 5½ months!

Some commentators have posited that there may be (must be) an issue with quality control, or a supplier issue, that is causing such a massive delay. Others have suggested that Amazon simply didn’t account for the amount of interest that the Echo would generate.

Regardless, it’s a pretty astounding delay.

If you, like some, have found that your own interest has waned, and you no longer care to wait for your Amazon Echo, you can cancel the order simply by clicking the “Cancel items” button to the right of your order.

Want to check on your order right now? [Page no longer available – we have linked to the archive.org version instead]

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When Will My Amazon Echo Ship?

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