What’s Better than Absolutely Free Cell Phones? Get Paid to Get the Same Phone We Use! One of the Best Cell Phone Deals Ever!

What’s better than absolutely free cell phones? How about this? Amazon will pay you to get the very same fabulous cell phone that we ourselves use! Now that is truly one of the best cell phone deals ever!

The Sony Ericsson W810i Phone is the most fantastic phone that we have ever used. It has all of the great features that made the Sony Ericsson T616 such an excellent phone during its time, with added features such as MP3 playback, a 2 megapixel digital camera with autofocus and video, and high speed Edge data and Internet (which is what did it for us).

In fact, this is the very same cell phone that we use to connect our computer to the Internet using our cell phone as a wireless Internet connection!

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This phone has it all – high speed Internet, great camera (and you can hold the phone just like you would a camera, so it feels more natural taking pictures), MP3 functions, storage card slot so you can fit lots of songs, a built-in flashlight, and it even has a built-in FM radio that works really well!

Into gaming? The Sony W810i supports both widescreen and 3d games!

And, oh yes, the sound and call quality of this phone is superb. And we have never had any problem pairing it with any bluetooth headset or other bluetooth device. In fact, it’s the bluetooth that we use to connect our laptop to the Internet with this cell phone.

And Amazon will pay you to buy this phone now. How can they do it? We don’t know. We don’t care! We just know that they are! They are selling the phone for .01, and there is a $100 rebate, making the net cost to you not only $0, but you get $99.99 in your pocket along with the phone!

If you’re interested, hurry and check out this deal before they realize their insanity and pull this deal!

Get paid to get this great Sony W810i by clicking here.

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3 Replies to “What’s Better than Absolutely Free Cell Phones? Get Paid to Get the Same Phone We Use! One of the Best Cell Phone Deals Ever!”

  1. Price has gone up to $80. Plus 6 month contract, and if you cancel the contract or dont pay the bill, they hit your credit card for $250. Scam debunked.

  2. What a deal! My Cingular contract had expired so I took advantage of this. Kisses and kudos for pointing me to this deal.

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