2 thoughts on “What to Do When Your Facebook or Other Account has Been Hacked

  1. Sorry to disagree with this sunny happy spiel, but the Facebook account process simply does not work after the RayBan hack. Facebook does not/can not send a code to your cell phone or email account from a hacked account, and does not/can not send a code to any alternate email or phone number you may provide. Facebook does not have a functioning process in a lot of areas (hate speech, for example) and account recovery only works for the very most rudimentary “forgot my password” cases.

    Also Facebook does not provide any human intervention for any sort of problem. Zuckerberg even testified recently that he does not feel an obligation to do anything about lies in political ads. So start over, and add as much security as you can to your new account.

  2. Hi, this is not my latest account with Facebook I do not see my latest account an games that I play please get it back for me thank you.

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