What or Who is Sparah? They’re a “Celebrity Couple” Made Up by Virgin Mobile

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If you’ve been hearing about “Sparah” and wondering who the heck she is, or they are, well, you’re not the only one. Sparah is a faux “celebrity couple” being pushed into the limelight as part of an advertising campaign by VirginMobile . The concept is that VirginMobile has taken two relatively unknown actors – Spencer Falls and Sarah Carroll – and is attempting to turn them into a celebrity couple, while folks watch along and “Keep up with Sparah” via commercials and YouTube videos. “Sparah” is a contraction of their first names, Spencer and Sarah, in the same vein as “Brangelina” and “Bennifer”.

If the concept seems familiar, it may be because you remember when Taster’s Choice coffee did essentially the same thing back in the 90s, with British actors Anthony Head and Sharon Maughan (whose characters, Matthew Prescott and Alexandra Maitland meet and fall in love over the course of several serialized commercials).

Explains Ron Faris, director of brand marketing for Virgin Mobile USA, “It’s our way of launching a unique campaign in a world of quality sameness. We wanted to create something that was a little more breakthrough, that could illustrate our Android phones ..something beyond price and without bashing the competition. Whereas most of our competitors would buy celebrities as endorsers, we thought it would be fun to watch two people grow into celebrities.”

“It’s absolutely contrived, but we wanted to be authentic in how we contrived this campaign, and that includes full transparency of their creation,” adds Faris. “Obviously, we’ll be having fun spoofing the moments of the arc from the zeitgeist of celebrity culture.” “The world that they’re going to be doing, we want them to be authentic. VM is going to be doing whatever it takes in order to get them to achieve their fame.”

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“Even if they don’t make it as celebrities,” concluded Faris, “the ride that we’re going to take is worth it. It’s not so much the end result as the ride we’re taking.”

You can go along for the ride by watching the serial videos on the Sparah YouTube channel.

You can also like and follow them on the Sparah Facebook page.

And you can follow the actors themselves at Sarah Carroll’s Twitter page and Spencer Fall’s Twitter page.

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