What Do Women, Thongs, and Search Engines Have in Common?

What do women, thongs and search engines have in common? It’s the perennial question. Ok, maybe it isn’t, but it’s a darned good question. Do you know what women, thongs and search engines have in common? Is it that nobody understands any of them (certainly not women or search engines)? Is it that nobody “gets” them (certainly not thongs)? Nope, not that.

I’ll tell you what women, thongs, and search engines have in common.

But first, let’s talk about how amazing the Internet is. It is just the most incredible collection of information imaginable. In fact, most people can’t imagine – can’t really wrap their head around – just how very vast is the store of knowledge on the Internet.

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And search engines. Wow. If the Internet is all the recorded knowledge out there, search engines are the conduit through which that knowledge is funneled to our eagerly awaiting minds.

You can find out information on just about anything on the Internet! The latest treatments for cancer. How to build a house. Learn just about any language. Amazing.

Now, back to the question – what do women, thongs, and search engines have in common?

With all this vast, varied, and venerable knowledge amassed out there on the Internet, what do you think the top searches on the Internet were today?

You got it.

Women and thongs. On the search engines.


And now you know.

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6 Replies to “What Do Women, Thongs, and Search Engines Have in Common?”

  1. Bread and circuses has been the only driving aim of the masses since the phrase was first coined in 400BC. Self satisfaction is NOT a bad goal it just cannot be the only goal. Besides its easy to get ahead when most of the rest of the hairless apes are browsing for thongs

  2. Sad and juvenile!

    They have to be underage males looking for ‘free’ cheap thrills!


    I’m just so glad my testosterone levels are not driving my brain! I may be a male, but I’m a human being too!

    Sad, so sad. I like the books online!

    I like searching for that hard-to-find language dictionary!

    Oh, well, I’m still a lone wolf, running outside the pack! Always have, always will!

    I’m gonna sign up for Aunty’s email!

    Must stay informed!

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