What a Shock! Tivo and Replay Owners Skip Commercials!

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  • What a Shock! Tivo and Replay Owners Skip Commercials!


A new study released in the UK this week indicates that DVR (digital video recorders, such as the Tivo and the ReplayTV) owners fast forward through commercials.

Well, duh.

Apparently this is a surprise, although to whom, Aunty can’t imagine.

I mean, why wouldn’t you fast forward through the commercials? Isn’t that one of the appeals of the darned things?

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“This has always been advertisers’ biggest fear,” said Sarah Wade, an account manager for Ipsos, which conducted the survey.


What is apparently earth-shattering is the sheer numbers in which owners are eschewing the marketing tripe. Previous studies had pegged the figure at seventy-seven percent of all DVR owners skipping commercials; the Ipsos report says that the figure is closer to ninety percent, and as high as 97% for the 18-34 year old demographic, an advertiser’s greatest sweet spot.
On a side note, isn’t 18-34 a bit broad? What is it that you start doing at 18 and stop doing at 34 which makes that group an advertiser’s most meaningful target?

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What a Shock! Tivo and Replay Owners Skip Commercials!

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  • What a Shock! Tivo and Replay Owners Skip Commercials!

4 thoughts on “What a Shock! Tivo and Replay Owners Skip Commercials!

  1. Just read an article stating that Hiro Media is experimenting with new technology to put commercials in movies that can not be scanned thru, NBC and Turner are about to start testing it.
    Purpose is to allow video sharing amongst users, say goodby to skipping commercials :)

  2. I’m a TiVo user and I also fast forward through them, but I can still see what they’re advertising and will stop and even rewind if it’s something I’m interested in.

  3. What I wonder is who was actually silly enough to sponsor a survey with such an obvious outcome ? Probably a nice fat government grant !

  4. Earn money and have no kids to put through school and college, would be my guess ;)

    Did they survey UK or US PVR owners? there’s a number of differing factors between the two — the ads and their duration are different, and I’m not even sure how many PVR vendors operate in the UK.

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