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NEW YORK (CNNMoney.com) – Coca Cola, threatened with becoming second in market value to archrival PepsiCo for the first time, will debut an aggressive marketing push next year that begins with a new global slogan — “Welcome to the Coke side of life”

So who was the stupid marketing wonk who came up with Coke’s new slogan? How could they not know…?

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13 thoughts on “Welcome to the Coke Side of Life

  1. we all know that the slogan was just coincidence …or maybe not? i think there mite be a huge story behind this…a different SIDE to the story

  2. HOLLA
    whats the problem with this saying.
    its just a fkn slogan nigs.
    chill the eff out
    chop some lines fo’ yaself

  3. Coke is life!! (my nose niffffffffffffffffff ffffffffffffffffff one line !! nifffffffffffffffffffffffff fffffffffff two line otherside!! YEAaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaH!!! Nice I Want MorEEEe!! )

  4. i think that this is so stupid. this did not have to mean this. it could have just stayed normal and these toilet minded people think up stupid things like this. i am disgusted.

  5. If your product is called “Coke”, then you have full rights to use the word without the criticism of referring to a drug. calm down people. If you interpret “coke side of life” as a reference to coke-heads, you’ve got the problem.

  6. FYI, the original formula for Coca-Cola included extracts from the coca leaves. Yes, the same one from which they produce cocaine. So the similarity to cocaine is no accident. It’s in their heritage.

  7. Come on! Don’t think Coke are not aware of this. The reason is that Coke “OWNS” the name Coke or wants to own it. To give it up and say “ok we realize cocaine now owns Coke” would be retarded. Coke is Coca-Cola, and Cocaine can be called whatever its stupid fans want to call it.

  8. Wow Joicy, how can you be on the Internet and be so clueless? Everybody, but everybody, knows that the people who run websites who have that Google Adsense don’t CHOOSE what ads get displayed on the website! Aunty Spam has no more control over what those ads are than apparently your parents have over how their children use the computer.

  9. Aunty Spam, you are such a an incredible hypocrite — making out like you are so above all the BS! And yet, you continue to run totally misleading ads above your holier than thou comments, which are misleading and manipulative. For example — a survey ad on coke is nothing of the sort –takes you to a site trying to sell all kinds of baloney surveys! Give me a break! sign me, DISGUSTED.

  10. My concern when I heard about ending up on the COKE side of Life is . . . which SIDE am I going to end UP ON ? ? ? :-)

  11. There are obviously too many coke heads (of the other kind!)in upper level management.
    I guess I’ll add Cocoa-Cola to my long list of companies… like Sony, Gateway, Dell, Microsoft and many others… that I will NOT be purchasing from in the future. Any CEO that allows trash like this to be shown on the air should be fired.

  12. I heard this on NPR this morning, and that’s the first thing I thought of. I guess when you work in the World of Coca-cola, the word “coke” loses all other meanings.

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