Waterproof Cell Phone Using HZO Technology Available Soon

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How has the world lived without a waterproof cell phone for this long? Water is the kryptonite of cell phones and for all of the money we pay for them, it seems that they should be a bit more resilient. Well, we can all rejoice and start using our phones around toilets, showers and pools with reckless abandon because technology company HzO has developed a new nanofilm waterproof coating, WaterBlock, that will protect your phone should it come into contact with water. And the first water proof cellphone is due out shortly – with Sony, Samsung and, reportedly, Apple, all planning to bring out a waterproof phone this year.

While other cell phone waterproofing technologies, like Liquipel and NeverWet, are applied after manufacturing, WaterBlock is applied during manufacturing in order to protect both the inside and outside of the device to which it is applied. Using what they call a “vacuum deposition process,” WaterBlock is applied to the components of the device at room temperature so as to not damage the product due to too much heat.

WaterBlock is made from nontoxic, organic material and Hz0 assures consumers that the material will not change the look or feel of the device. So far HzO has tested WaterBlock on the the Samsung Galaxy S II, Apple iPhone 4S, the Apple iPad, and the Amazon Kindle Fire. They are currently in formal talks with both Apple and Samsung to use WaterBlock in the manufacturing of their devices.

While the President of HzO, Paul Clayson, says that we can all expect to see waterproofed cameras, laptops and gaming devices, among other things, as early as this summer, the company is quick to caution: this technology is designed to protect treated devices from water accidents, not to purposely take the devices into water. So you will have to hold off swimming with your iPad for the time being.

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